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A highly energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic person with a passion to help private medical practices that are struggling become profitable!

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Who is Cynthia Andersen?

I am a highly energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic person with a passion to help private medical practices that are struggling.

My mission is to train private medical practices on how take care of business-related practice workflow issues, so they can focus on the priority of treating patients.  Training and educating private medical practices staff to operate efficiently and to become profitable.  My goal is to help not only survive but thrive in this constantly evolving industry.

Having worked in this industry for over a decade, and working with hundreds of healthcare companies and practices, implementing proven processes have not only helped become efficient but profitable. 

I am a Certified Medical Revenue Manager (CMRM) trainer; a Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM); a Certified Business Coach, Medical Practice Consultant, Bachelors degree in marketing,  and a professional speaker.

I know the medical industry specifically working with private medical practices.

I have proven processes that get results. My services are a smart investment for any private medical practice that is struggling to stay open.

I am an expert you can trust. I am experienced, credentialed and have training that will walk you through the proper processes step by step.

What others are saying...

"Cynthia’s knowledge of, and passion for, helping medical practices realize their optimal financial goals is truly compelling. There is no better educator than someone like Cynthia who has spent the last decade helping medical practices and other businesses thrive. Her absolute professionalism and trusted advisory approach makes it no wonder she is so successful in her mission to help medical professionals and others streamline their businesses. Thank you Cynthia!"

Peter Balisteri, CMRM

"Cynthia conducted training that I found to be extremely valuable. She demonstrated a high degree of expertise and her presentations were clear and dynamic. In my 18 years of healthcare involvement, I have never seen a more personable and knowledgeable instructor. Cynthia is enthusiastic about her field of healthcare consulting. I would highly recommend her as a consultant and knowledgeable healthcare instructor."

Jennifer Boyd, CMRM

"I am on the Editorial Board of Billing and Coding Advantage Magazine, am a published author and noted authority on medical revenue management and have a weekly hour -long webcast for physicians and entrepreneurs. I have known Cynthia for over ten years and she knows more about the medical revenue cycle than any doctor or office manager I know. If you are not connected with Cynthia, you are making a serious mistake."

Patrick Phillips, CEO

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