EXCLUSIVE TRAINING to improve workflow systems, customer care and so much more - all to make your medical practice the success you want it to be.


Whether you are a new practice owner or have been practicing for years, learning the proper “Practice Workflow” processes and business development strategies will help you train your entire staff and grow your practice.

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This is what you'll gain access to immediately on signing up with Andersen Consulting today:

All four modules of the Practice Workflow Training will be released to you immediately on getting access. They feature:

Video 1:
Front Office Process Video Training

In this module you will learn the proper recommended processes for each task in the front office including, Patient Scheduling, Appointment Confirmation, Insurance Eligibility and Patient Check In process.

Video 2:
Customer Service Video Training

In this module you will learn the importance of customer service within the medical industry.  Along with tips and scripts to help treat patients as customers.

Video 3:
Lobby Design Video Training

In this module you will learn how to design your waiting area to make your customers as comfortable as possible while keeping patients anxiety low.

Video 4:
Back Office Processes Video Training

In this module you will learn the process to room a patient, clinical work flow processes, checking a patient out and proper follow up processes.

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All Video Trainings for entire practice

The comprehensive trainings are targeted for each of your staff members.  Your staff will learn the proper processes to implement directly into your practice to increase efficiency and profitability.  Including front office, lobby design, back office, practice workflow, clinical processes, and much more!

Unlimited Access for ENTIRE practice 24/7

Your entire practice will have immediate unlimited access to watch and re-watch trainings as needed.  For seasoned staff as well as new staff members 24/7, 365 days a year.  Access the training anytime that is convenience for your staff members.  During clinic, after, before or even on weekends.

Regular Live Q&A calls with Cynthia Andersen

Access to our monthly live Q&A session via your laptop, desktop or mobile device.  Cynthia will answer all questions you have on any aspect of your practice workflow.

Then every month, as part of your membership you'll gain access to a new course:

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for your Medical Practice

How to create, measure and use information gathered about benchmarked goals, targets and measured performance

Revenue Cycle Management Video Training

Learn how to effectively manage everything from patient and insurance ageing, billing options and more.

Information Technology Video Training

In this training course you'll learn how to maximize efficiency in the management of Electronic Heath Records 

Government Payment Programs Video Training

Discover the potential revenue, requirements and impact that these programs can have on your practice

Practice Management Video Training Course

Understand the roles and responsibilities as Practice Manager and how to effectively manage your team

Medical Credentialing Video Training Course

Get to know the key providers, how to maintain and what credentialing is crucial for your practice success

Medical Compliance Video Training Course

Learn the most common compliance issues in medical practices, and what HIPAA is, and other compliance 

Medical Office Human Resources Video Training

In this course you'll learn everything from Training, Recruiting, Staff Retention, Payroll and more

Medical Office Accounting Video Training

In this course we'll cover everything from bookkeeping services, accounting software, budgeting and much more

Direct Primary Care vs Concierge Video Training

Understand the difference and pro's and con's of Direct Primary Care and Concierge medical services

Medical Practice Development Video Training

Learn how to grow, scale up and become a highly successful medical practice with proven strategies

All Downloads and Checklists

Staff will learn how to create custom processes with downloads and checklists specific for your practice.


Get Started Today with Your First Video Training:

The Practice Workflow Training Course

The “Practice WorkFlow” training program where you will learn the recommended processes to implement within your medical practice. I’ve created a comprehensive program that trains each of your staff members on the “Practice Workflow” processes and what is expected of them so you can spend your time on patient care and not burning out.

Your staff will learn the proper way an effective streamlined practice should operate.

Look at these staggering statistics:

  • 47% of practice owners who feel their practice needs some help with processes and workflow training.
  • 28% of physician time is spent on nonclinical paperwork due to poor workflow design
  • 77% of physicians say they need more time for direct patient care, because administrative and business tasks take up too many hours
  • 80% of physician burnout is due to workflow issues
  • 90% of preventable denials are a result of practices not focusing enough attention on the front end workflow
  • Practices with streamline processes realize that 90% of work can be completed between 9-6 Mon-Fri.

Maybe you have been practicing for years and with all the new industry changes, you have found it difficult to make ends meet.

If these statistics frighten you or bring home the current situation you find your practice in don’t throw in the towel yet! 


75% of workflow issues could be addressed with training, support, and workflow redesign.

Don't delay, subscribe and get immediate access and start your training today.


Frequently Asked Questions

The trainings and content are specifically designed for processes within small medical practices (1-10 providers) that accept insurance and government payers such as Medicare and Medicaid and see patients in office

Every staff member within a medical practice serves different roles.  It is important to have dedicated staff responsibilities along with back up staff members cross trained in those processes.

Yes, it is recommended to review modules as needed.  Also, to refer to at any time for a refresher or to train new staff members. 

Yes, it is recommended to provide access to each staff member in your practice.

Absolutely yes, you can cancel at any time.  However, since this industry is constantly changing, we are adding new trainings and content regularly which is included in your membership.  It is recommended to log in periodically to check out the new trainings, just in case you miss our email notifications. 

Yes, you will have the ability to ask any specific questions or challenge you are facing.  They will be recorded and accessible for members to watch at any time.

Immediately!  Once you become a member, you will gain immediate access for your entire practice to start training at anytime that is convenient for you.

Additional services are available, such as 1 on 1 consulting, practice analysis' and customized training's. To learn more, schedule a time to speak with Cynthia here: www.MeetwithCynthia.com

Your Trainer & Coach: Cynthia Andersen

"My mission is to train private medical practices on how take care of business-related practice workflow issues, so they can focus on the priority of treating patients. Training and educating private medical practices staff to operate efficiently and to become profitable. My goal is to help not only survive but thrive in this constantly evolving industry.

"Having worked in this industry for over a decade, and working with hundreds of healthcare companies and practices, implementing proven processes have not only helped become efficient but profitable.

"I am a Certified Medical Revenue Manager (CMRM) trainer; a Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM); a Certified Business Coach, Medical Practice Consultant, Bachelors degree in marketing and a professional speaker."


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