Driving Profitability for Medical Practices

Cynthia Andersen is a highly energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic person with a passion to help private medical practices that are struggling become profitable!

CEO Andersen Consulting, CMRM, CPPM, Certified Business Coach

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What we do

Our mission is to train medical practices how to drive profitability and eliminate physician burnout, so they can focus on the priority of treating patients.  We specialize in medical practices that are financially struggling become streamlined and profitable with our proven processes and systems.

Our Process

  • Identify where your practice is struggling with our Practice Workflow Analysis
  • Billing audit to identify RCM leaks or areas of concern
  • Customized Key Performance Indicators to monitor based on practice
  • Coding audits to identify potential revenue increases
  • Documentation audits to identify areas of non- compliance
  • Private Medical Practice Consulting
  • Practice Workflow Training
  • EHR selection and implementation guidance
  • Customized solutions to implement into practice
  • Take control of your practice
  • Getting your work life balance back
  • Running a profitable and efficient practice

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