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Our mission is to train medical practices how to drive profitability and eliminate physician burnout, so they can focus on the priority of treating patients.  We specialize in medical practices that are financially struggling become streamlined and profitable with our proven Practice Profitability Strategy!

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Practice Profitability Training

Proven strategies customized for your specific practice needs.

Practice Profitability Strategy


This is a strategy that utilized the core of Profit First fundamentals.  This unique pay yourself first cash flow management system allows you to work with your existing habits of running your practice. There are no complicated accounting methods to learn, just a simple, common sense approach to managing your money.

Practice Expense Reduction Strategy

The goal of the expense analysis is to differentiate between costs and investments in daily/regular spending. This is typically the first step when implementing this strategy, as most practices can cut between 10%-25% of expenses without jeopardizing the quality of patient care. This allows the practice to ensure they are using their current revenue to its highest potential.

Practice Debt Reduction Strategy

This strategy will utilize a technique to wipe out all business debt that the practice is suffering from.   The only way to pay off debt (which is simply past expenses that you haven’t paid for yet) is to be profitable.  You then use those profits to pay off your debt (past expenses).  Then utilizing a systematic way to pay each off one by one until all are eliminated!

What We Offer

  • Identify where your practice is bleeding
  • Stop the bleeding by creating a personalized Practice Profit Blueprint
  • Instantly become profitable with actionable steps to take TODAY
  • Reduce & Control your expenses with our Practice Expense Reduction Strategy
  • Learn how to become profitable with our Practice Profitability Strategy
  • Take control of your practice
  • Obliterate your business debt with our Practice Debt Reduction Strategy
  • Multiply profits when you put into place the proven Practice Profitability Strategy
  • Erase all of your debts while taking a profit from day one
  • Learn the target expense allocations utilized by financially healthy practices
  • Avoid the biggest financial impulse that practice owners have that leads to financial ruin
  • Eliminate physician burnout
  • Getting your work life balance back
  • Running a profitable practice
  • Running an EFFICIENT practice

Cynthia Andersen

CEO Andersen Consulting, CMRM, CPPM, Certified Business Coach

To schedule a strategy, call with Cynthia to learn more about individual client consulting services. 

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