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Welcome to Andersen Consulting

Our mission is to train medical practices how to drive profitability and eliminate physician burnout, so they can focus on the priority of treating patients.  We specialize in medical practices that are financially struggling become streamlined and profitable with our proven processes and systems.

More About Us

Private Practice Services

Proven strategies customized for your specific practice needs.

Practice Workflow Analysis

The goal of conducting a practice workflow analysis is to identify areas that may be costing your practice thousands of dollars.  By learning the current processes and systems, we can provide customized solutions that can be taken to increase efficiency and streamline practice workflow.  This step has identified most practices can increase 10%-25% of bottom line revenue without having to increase patient base or staff.


Billing & Coding Audits

If you’re unsure of how your billing company or billing department is performing, why not conduct a billing audit to take a snap shot of where your practice financials are compared to your colleagues.

How our billing audit service benefits you:

  • Snap shot of your practice financials
  • Understand what changes might be necessary
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators to hold billing department accountable

Practice Consulting

We understand the daily challenges of managing a successful practice. We respect the unique aspects of your business and can work within the structure of your operations.

Our goal is to maximize your earning potential by reducing your expenses and increasing the net yield of your practice, allowing you to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

We will provide you with the personal attention you deserve, and partner with you to ensure your business achieves maximum profitability and efficiency.

What We Offer

  • Identify where your practice is struggling with our Practice Workflow Analysis
  • Billing audit to identify RCM leaks or areas of concern
  • Customized Key Performance Indicators to monitor based on practice
  • Coding audits to identify potential revenue increases
  • Documentation audits to identify areas of non- compliance
  • Education on industry and government updates
  • Private Medical Practice Consulting
  • Practice Workflow Training
  • EHR selection and implementation guidance
  • EHR implementation training
  • Customized solutions to implement into practice
  • Actionable steps to taken immediately
  • Reduce stress and physician burnout
  • Take control of your practice
  • Getting your work life balance back
  • Running a profitable and efficient practice

Cynthia Andersen

CEO Andersen Consulting, CMRM, CPPM, Certified Business Coach

To schedule a strategy, call with Cynthia to learn more about individual client consulting services. 

About Cynthia Andersen

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